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Composite Decking in Bryanston

Do you want to save time and money? Composite Decking

DIY Composite decking project converted to full installation of Bamboo Composite Decking in Randburg

You’ve been eyeing that deck for a while now.

We get it. It’s time to finally make the leap and install one of your own! But before you do, we want to share some things with you about how much more expensive it can be than expected if you try to DIY.

Your new composite deck will last for decades without any maintenance or upkeep, but if you try to do it yourself, there are many hidden costs that come with trying to save money upfront. Our team has seen firsthand what happens when people attempt this project on their own and end up spending way more than they had originally planned because of all the little details they didn’t account for in advance. Let us take care of everything so your project is as easy as possible from start-to-finish!

We would love to help turn your dream into reality!

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Composite Decking – No Hassle

A beautiful deck is an investment for your property and a place to enjoy time with loved ones. But, if you’re not prepared for the installation process it can be difficult to get started. With Composite Decking, you don’t have to worry about preparing the ground or finding someone who can install it properly. We do all of that for you! You’ll save money on maintenance and repairs because our composite decking lasts 15+ years and doesn’t need any painting or staining. Even better? Your new home will look amazing and you’ll love spending time outside on your new deck! If this sounds like something you’d like, call us today.

Composite Cladding and Composite decking can give you a strong, environmentally friendly South African living space.

Composite Decking – Your Home’s New Best Friend

You’ve decided to invest in a new deck for your home. The question is, what type? For many of you, the answer will be composite decking. That’s because it has all the benefits of wood but without any of the negatives. It’s durable and long lasting with an excellent warranty that can range from 10 years to 25 years depending on which product you select. Plus, it won’t need any ongoing maintenance or repairs like other types of decks do – meaning more time spent enjoying your new space! To find out more about us and getting a quote for your specific project and how much per square meter would cost, call us today.

Composite Decking is a long-lasting solution for your outdoor space

The composite decking in South Africa is made from binding agent, wood fiber and plastic. This mixture creates a long lasting product that’s stronger than typical wooden materials used for decks elsewhere. With the different mixtures of decking solutions, you can find the perfect look to suit your needs. Whether you want something to last 25 years or just 10 years, we have what you need! All of our products come with an easy installation process and require no maintenance whatsoever – so enjoy the polished and maintained look of your new composite deck for years without any need for maintenance!

Is composite decking worth it?

Composite Decking is an eco-friendly alternative to wood. It’s made from a high density polyethylene plastic and recycled wood, which means that no deforestation occurs in the manufacturing process. This product has been around for decades but recently has become popular due to its increased durability and beauty. The bonding agents and UV stabilizers make this product unmatched in strength, while also being long lasting.

Composite Decking is the perfect choice for any homeowner who wants to enjoy their outdoor space

A deck can be an excellent addition to any home. And, when it comes time to replace your old wood deck with a new one, there are many different materials you could choose from. If you want low-maintenance and durability without sacrificing style or color options, composite decking might be the best option for you! With our professional team of installers on call, we’ll have your new composite deck installed in no time at all! We offer patio installation services in Bryanston and surrounding areas. Call today for more information about how we can help you.

Composite Decking Products for South Africans

Did you know that composite decking products are perfect for the outdoors? You can install these on a level surface and there is no limit to what you can do with them. They have an open-air track record, which is fantastic. The range of products available from composite decking is huge and they are eco-friendly too! What’s more, if you have installed composite decking on your property in South Africa, then this will increase its value – we offer warranties so ask us about this before installing your product today!

Composite Decking is the way to go for South Africans

We all love our home, and we want it looking pristine and fresh. The outdoor area of your house should be no exception. With a composite deck, you can enjoy memories with family on a safe surface that will not require constant maintenance. Composite decks are much easier than wooden decks; this is because they do not need regular cleaning or refinishing – just an occasional wipe down with water and soap! And when it does get dirty, you can clean up any mess easily by hosing off the deck flooring if necessary. A composite deck also offers great insulation from the sun’s heat which protects furniture from fading or becoming discolored over time, maybe consider some cladding or a sun louvre.