Composite decking for entertainment areas and is easy to clean

Bryanstons “blue chip” composite decking installers.

At Bryanston Composite Decking, we are proud of our first class services we have delivered to our customers. We have been installing composite decks here for over eight years and satisfaction is our chief priority.

Composite Decking Contractor services in Bryanston, Johannesburg

When you are beginning a new decking project at home or a commercial property, it very likely you have considered Composite Decking. Composite Decking improves looks and value of property. There are so many benefits for composite decking, call us today to hear all about them.


Decking Contractors are a much needed service provider. Building a deck without any snags or mishaps is unheard of if you try do it yourself. If you have hired a decking contractor before you will know that the contractor will honour the product warranty. We also provide an array of decking services that will shape your patio or poolside into a good looking and functional area.

About us

Bryanston composite decking is one of the leading composite decking and cladding service providers in Bryanston, Johannesburg. We did not just move here, it is our home and where we do business. Composite decking and the necessary equipment is our bread and butter. With a service history over 8 years, we have a solid reputation that demonstrates the ability to handle any project. We are very flexible and adaptable in our service. That means we care about your project and can handle special requests and keep you smiling. Trust us to to keep the project in line and we will do the best work that you have seen.

Composite Decking Services

As the Leading Composite Decking Company in Bryanston and beyond, we are determined to provide a variety of services. They will cover any needs that our Bryanston customers need. We also think we have accomplished this over the 8 years of working here in Bryanston and Midrand. With everything from Pool decking to large estate decking, you wont find a better decking contractor than us. We are more than ready to assist you. If you are unsure just call us and speak to the owner for clarity. Take the fist step towards building your perfect composite deck We make the project fit and you will be proud of it. It is our job to build your deck.

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